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established in thailand since 2002, linapack co., ltd. focuses on the following activities:

  • development and manufacture of fill and seal or fill and cap machines for stand-up pouches and related equipment,
  • development 久久擼视頻在线免費看1and manufacture of semi-automatic and automatic filling and dosing systems,
  • development and manufacture of ancillary equipment for bottle filling and capping lines mostly supplied to machine manufacturers but also to end users,
  • subcontract manufacturing of packaging machines, sub assemblies and parts.

with a marketing strategy targeting initially the asia-pacific market, linapack has increased it芒聙聶s sales exponentially and now exports around 80% of its production worldwide.

our machines and equipment are used in the food and beverage, pet food, home care, personal care and chemical industries by companies ranging from multi-national to sme's.

our strengths:

  • manufacturing in a well industrialized 久久擼视頻在线免費看2country that offers low production costs,
  • european management and engineering team,
  • constant development 四虎影院在线永久观看3of 四虎影院在线永久观看4our products to ensure the latest technology and high reliability with maximum simplicity,
  • quality kept at the highest possible with high grade raw materials, renowned brand components and precision workmanship,
  • focus on efficiency and fast return on investment on our machines,
  • flexibility and 北条麻妃中文字幕在线观看5a service oriented team.

in short, we produce quality european technology packaging equipment in asia at reasonable prices!

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