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  • 脿賂顱脿賂虜脿賂蘆脿賂虜脿賂攏
  • 脿鹿聙脿賂聞脿賂攏脿賂路脿鹿聢脿賂顱脿賂聡脿賂聰脿賂路脿鹿聢脿賂隆
  • 脿賂聹脿賂樓脿賂麓脿賂聲脿賂聽脿賂鹵脿賂聯脿賂聭脿鹿聦脿賂聴脿賂魯脿賂聞脿賂摟脿賂虜脿賂隆脿賂陋脿賂擄脿賂顱脿賂虜脿賂聰
  • 脿鹿聙脿賂聞脿賂攏脿賂路脿鹿聢脿賂顱脿賂聡脿賂陋脿賂魯脿賂顱脿賂虜脿賂聡
  • 脿賂顱脿賂虜脿賂蘆脿賂虜脿賂攏脿賂陋脿賂鹵脿賂聲脿賂摟脿鹿聦
  • 脿賂聸脿賂賂脿鹿聥脿賂壟...
► your packaging
  • 脿賂聳脿賂賂脿賂聡脿賂聥脿賂顱脿賂聡脿賂聲脿賂鹵脿鹿聣脿賂聡 (脿賂聳脿賂賂脿賂聡脿賂攏脿賂碌脿賂聼脿賂麓脿賂摟, doypack)
  • side gusset bags
  • 脿賂聜脿賂摟脿賂聰脿鹿聛脿賂樓脿賂擄脿千人斩经典在线3賂聺脿賂虜
  • 脿鹿聜脿賂聳, 脿賂聳千人斩经典在线4脿鹿聣脿賂摟脿賂壟
  • 脿賂聽k频道福利在线视频5脿賂虜脿賂聤脿賂聶脿賂擄脿賂聜脿賂聶脿賂虜脿賂聰脿鹿聝脿賂蘆脿賂聧脿鹿聢, bag in box
► 脿賂樓脿賂鹿脿賂聛脿賂聞脿鹿聣脿賂虜脿賂聜脿賂顱脿賂聡脿鹿聙脿賂攏脿賂虜
  • multi-national to sme's
  • contract packers
  • machine manufacturers
  • engineering companies

► 脿賂聹脿賂樓脿賂麓脿賂聲脿賂聽脿賂鹵脿賂聯脿賂聭脿鹿聦脿鹿聛脿賂樓脿賂擄脿賂職脿賂攏脿賂麓脿賂聛脿賂虜脿賂攏

fill and seal machines for premade stand-up pouches (doypack)
all types of products.
low to high speed.
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filling and capping machines for pouches and side gusset bags with spout
center and corner spout.
for liquid and viscous products.
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automatic and semi-automatic filling and dosing units
linear net weighers.
volumetric piston fillers.
large containers weight fillers.
auger fillers.
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ancillary equipment for bottle filling and capping lines
cap elevators.
cap sorters (rotary and waterfall).
bulk feeders.
caps quality inspection.
caps treatments.
conveyors, buffers.
pucks for bottle handling.
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manufacturing for oem's
parts, kits, sub-assemblies,
complete machines.
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we are constantly developing new features and new equipment. soon we will also have a completely new machine range...

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bangkok, 13-16 june 2018

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